Aberavon Surf Club

 Club Information & Rules

British Surfing Association Code Of Conduct



  • All surfers must be able to swim at least 50 metres in open water.
  • Ensure that you are covered by Public Liability Insurance for surfing
  • Keep your surfing equipment in good condition.
  • Always wear a surf leash to prevent you from losing your surfboard (or bodyboard). 
    For you your board is a safety device, to others it may be a lethal weapon.
  • Have consideration for other water users including anglers.
  • Never surf alone or immediately after eating a meal.
  • Always return to the beach before nightfall.
  • Never mix surfing with alcohol or drugs.
  • Always wear a wetsuit when surfing in Britain.
  • If you are new to the sport never hire a surfboard without first having a surfing lesson. 
    (Given by a BSA qualified instructor)
  • Be considerate of other beach users especially when carrying your board to and from the water.
  • When possible use a lifeguard patrolled beach. Obey the lifeguards instructions and be prepared 
    to assist them if required.
  • Where possible surf in a recognised surfing area
    (e.g. in between the black and white checked flags).
  • When paddling out avoid surfers who are riding waves.
  • When taking a wave see that you are clear of other surfers.
     Remember, if someone else is already riding the wave you must not take off.
  • Be environmentally friendly. Always leave the beach and other areas as you would wish to find them.

 ASC Club Constitution



Articles of Association 2010


NAME - The name of the club shall be The Aberavon Surf Club (‘ASC’)

2. DEFINITION – Surfing is defined as those sporting activities taking place within the surf line, but excluding those activities that incorporate the use of sails or motor power.

To promote, maintain, safeguard and improve surfing both nationally and internationally; and within the structure of its governing body and UK government bodies.
a) To encourage friendly and sportsmanlike co-operation between surfers of all ages.
b) To represent the interests of club surfers.
c) To provide a focal point for members by holding regular contests and social events.
d) To liaise with the appropriate bodies to gain adequate protection of beaches and other such places of the sport of surfing i.e. Reefs, points and river mouths, and to assist those bodies whose stated aims are the protection of the surfing environment.

a) The club will be administered by an elected committee consisting of Chairperson; Secretary; Treasurer and at least two other officers.
b) The quorum for a Committee meeting shall be three members present in person or via electronic link. When any financial business is to be transacted, there must be present either the Treasurer or a member of the Committee deputed by the Treasurer to represent his or her views to the meeting.
c) Voting at elections shall be by paid up members only. Voting by proxy shall be allowed under pre publicised circumstances.
d) The committee shall have powers to co-opt additional members to the committee.
e) Any club member is eligible for election to the committee.
f) Any club member is eligible to observe at committee meetings.
g) The committee shall have powers to suspend membership or take other appropriate action if members do not comply with such club rules as may be in effect from time to time, or are seen to be (in the opinion of the committee) acting in contravention to the aims of the club. No member will be expelled however without the opportunity to appeal to the committee to answer complaints.
h) A general meeting shall be held annually for the election of the committee and to decide club membership fees. Nominations, proposed, seconded and agreed to, should preferably be received by the secretary prior to the start of the meeting.
i) The committee will give a minimum of 21 days notice for the date of the AGM. Any member wishing to raise an issue for formal discussion and or agenda inclusion must submit their request in writing to the committee no later than 48 hours before the meeting. Any other items will be included only at the discretion of the Chairman of the meeting.
j) Any member who has the written support of 5 other members shall be able to call an extraordinary meeting for urgent matters by informing the Secretary then allowing 7 days for adequate notice to be given to members.

a) Membership is open to any individual regardless of age, gender, race or creed.
b) Junior membership is open to those persons above who are under 18 years of age on 1st January in the year of membership.
c) The subscriptions rate will be set annually by the committee, as will types of membership (concessionary, standard, family, honorary etc).
d) Honorary life members of the club may be proposed from time to time. This honor may be given for outstanding achievement which has benefited the club or the sport of surfing. The proposal must receive a 2/3 majority at an AGM and will receive all the benefits of the club without a yearly subscription.
e) The AGM will be held annually and the club itself will maintain membership (affiliation) of the BSA in order to facilitate entry for club members to BSA sanctioned competitions and ensure 3rd party insurance cover for club members. Individual members are entitled and encouraged to take out full personal membership of the BSA if they so wish.

6. FINANCE - The treasurer shall maintain adequate and proper records of finance and transactions thereof for inspection by the committee and/or members. A summary of income and expenditure will be presented at the AGM. Cheques and or electronic payments will be signed or authorised by any 1 of 3 from the elected officers of the club who are nominated signatories. The Treasurer shall at his discretion and with the authorisation of the Chairman, propose and initiate additional or amended emergency signatories should the need arise.

7. INDEMNITY - So far as may be permitted by law, every member of the Committee and every officer of the Club shall be entitled to be indemnified by the Club against all costs, charges, losses, expenses and liabilities incurred by him or her in the execution or discharge of his or her duties or the exercise of his or her powers, or otherwise properly in relation to or in connection with his or her duties. This indemnity extends to any liability incurred by him or her in defending any proceedings, civil or criminal, which relate to anything done or omitted or alleged to have been done or omitted by him or her as a member of the Committee or officer of the Club and in which judgement is given in his or her favour (or the proceedings are otherwise disposed of without any finding or admission of any material breach of duty on his or her part), or in which he or she is acquitted, or in connection with any application under any statute for relief from liability in respect of any such act or omission in which relief is granted to him or her by the Court.
So far as may be permitted by law, the Club may purchase and maintain for any member of the Committee or officer of the Club insurance cover against any liability which by virtue of any rule of law may attach to him or her in respect of any negligence, default, breach of duty or breach of trust of which he or she may be guilty in relation to the Club and against all costs, charges, losses and expenses and liabilities incurred by him or her and for which he or she is entitled to be indemnified by the Club.

8. DISSOLUTION – If upon winding up of the club there remains (after satisfactory settlement of debts and liabilities, and return of any unused grants to the donor) any money or property whatsoever, then this shall be given to another organisation with similar aims or objectives to that of the club, or to a charity nominated by the committee. The said property shall not be paid to or distributed amongst the members of the club.


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